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Sustainable Development


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Adhere to the "safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management" policy, adhering to the "safety first, prevention-oriented" governance philosophy to ensure the company's production safety. Implement the safety standardization system, strictly implement various safety management measures, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, ensure the safety of the company's production, and continuously pass the safety standardization assessment.


Passed OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Follow the principle of economic activity behavior of “reduction, reuse, and resource utilization” of circular economy.


In the allocation of product resources, pursuing "clean production, recycling economy"; in recent years, the company's environmental protection transformation investment has increased, the three waste treatment capacity has reached the company's production needs, environmental protection has become one of the company's competitiveness.


Passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification.