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Company Culture

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Company Culture

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Vision: The most respected chemical company

Constantly listen to and meet user needs, guide and exceed user needs, and win user respect;

By enhancing the status of the company and the quality of its products, employees have a high sense of corporate honor and pride and win the respect of their employees;

Promote the healthy development of the industry, grow together with partners, and win industry respect;

Pay attention to corporate responsibility, care for the society, give back to the society, and win social respect.


Mission: Enhance the quality of human life through green, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products

Continuously integrate products and services into people's lives, bringing cleanliness and health to people;

Focus on relevant industries and provide differentiated products and services for different audiences;

Create an open and win-win platform and work with partners to create a healthy industry ecosystem.



Values: integrity, progress, cooperation, innovation


Comply with national laws and company systems, and never violate corporate high-voltage lines;

Be the first to be a person, and adhere to the important principles of being fair, honest, and trustworthy;

Use positive forces to have a positive impact on the surroundings.


Responsible and efficient execution;

Be brave enough to take responsibility and take the initiative to meet new tasks and challenges;

Keep curiosity, keep learning, and pursue excellence.


Have an open and win-win mentality and share industry growth with partners;

Have a big picture and be able to work with other teams to achieve goals together;

I am happy to share my expertise and work experience and grow with my colleagues.


The purpose of innovation is to create value for users;

Everyone can innovate and everything can be innovated;

Dare to break through, be brave to try, not afraid of failure, good at summing up.


Business philosophy: everything is based on user value

  • Focus on long-term development and not harm user value due to commercial interests;
  • Pay close attention to and deeply understand the needs of users, and constantly meet the needs of users with excellent products and services;
  • Pay attention to emotional communication with users, respect user experience, and grow with users.

Management philosophy: caring for employee growth

  • Provide employees with a good working environment and incentives;
  • Improve the employee training system and career development channel, so that employees can enjoy the happiness of growing up with the company;
  • Fully respect and trust employees, and constantly guide and encourage them to make them happy.