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Talent Concept

Career Development

Talent Concept

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Talent Strategy

Xinqi Chemical attaches great importance to the introduction of talents and cares about the growth of employees. Adhere to the talent concept of "mechanism motivates people, culture shape people, warm people, and business people", with "integrity, progress, cooperation, innovation" as the corporate values, attracting honest communication and respecting knowledge by attracting and attracting strategic talents. Respect for individuality and compatibility with different cultures. At the same time, the company has a strong and powerful training system, from the employee's career development planning, post long-term management, performance appraisal improvement, exchange and evaluation, etc., pay close attention to the work and life of employees, pay attention to the growth and development of employees, here Can receive good education and cultural edification, become an excellent technical and management talents, and promote the common growth of employees and enterprises.
In Xinqi, everyone is honest, confident, passionate, proactive, and never complacent.

Compensation system

The company implements the principle of distribution according to the ability, responsibility, contribution and work attitude of the employees, and establishes a salary incentive mechanism with the combination of position salary and performance compensation. According to different job responsibilities, industry market and other factors, the salary of employees is approved; the performance salary of employees is determined by work performance and value contribution.

Welfare system

Xinqi Chemical has always been committed to building a healthy human environment and a good working atmosphere, continuously improving the welfare of employees, providing comprehensive welfare programs and diversified welfare measures and programs based on the establishment of basic social security and welfare. , continuously improve employee satisfaction.

Training development

Xinqi Chemical has developed a perfect training plan and promotion channel for each new employee. As a new Xinqi person, according to their own strengths and interests, they can choose to take the management development channel or the professional development channel of technology, products and market, on the professional channel. Development can achieve the same recognition and rewards as managing channel development. Through the training and guidance of the "one-on-one" pairing with the mentoring and apprenticeship, we will carry forward the fine tradition of "passing the band", enhance the tacit understanding between colleagues, enhance the sense of belonging and sense of mission of employees, and help employees develop and grow.
Face-to-face teaching, exchange of heart and heart, learning and doing improvement.


We focus on the quality, potential, character and experience of people in recruitment and recruitment. As a fast-growing company, we need a lot of talents to create brilliance with us.
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