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Acrylic homopolymer sodium salt PAA-45

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Acrylic homopolymer sodium salt PAA-45

Appearance: transparent, yellowish, viscous liquid
Molecular weight: 4500±1000
Solid content: 45±1%
Viscosity: 600-1000mpa.s (20 ° C)
pH: 7-9 (1% aqueous solution)
Calcium chelation ability: ≥350mgCaCO3/g
Calcium dispersibility: ≥100 mgCaCO3/g
Monomer residue: ≤500ppm

Product physical and chemical indicators:

Appearance:Transparent, yellowish, viscous liquid
Molecular weight:4500±1000
Solid content:45±1%
pH: 7-9 (1% aqueous solution)
Calcium chelation ability:≥350mgCaCO3/g
Calcium dispersibility:≥100 mgCaCO3/g
Monomer residue:≤500ppm


Product features:


1. Excellent calcium chelating ability and ash deposition resistance, excellent performance in combination with inorganic builders such as zeolite and layer silicon. It can be used in liquid detergents when it is compounded with surfactants without delamination.

2. Good pH buffering capacity to reduce the irritation of detergent on the skin;

3. Improve the performance of the powdered slurry, increase the slurry concentration, save energy; increase the particle size and strength of the washing powder, and reduce the fine powder content;

4. The recommended addition amount in the detergent formula is 0.8% to 1.5%, and the recommended addition amount in the laundry detergent formula is 2% to 3%.

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