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Acrylic acid-maleic acid copolymer sodium salt PMA- 40

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Acrylic acid-maleic acid copolymer sodium salt PMA- 40

Appearance: translucent, yellowish, viscous liquid
Solid content: 40±1%
Sodium sulfate content: none
pH: 8-10 (1% aqueous solution)

Product physical and chemical indicators:


Appearance: Colorless or yellowish, transparent, viscous liquid
solid content:40±1%
Sodium sulfate content:None
pH: 6~8 (1% aqueous solution)


According to the different ratio of raw materials, it is divided into the following three products:


AA:MA Weight average molecular weight


Calcium chelation force

Calcium dispersion

Monomer residue

7:3 60000-80000 2000-3000 ≥360 ≥260 ≤3000
6:4 30000-50000 1000-1500 ≥340 ≥280 ≤5000
5:5 10000-20000 500-1000 ≥300 ≥300 ≤5000


Product features:

1. It has good dispersion and suspension properties for solid particles, which can maintain the good dispersion and uniformity of the washing powder slurry. Through the improvement of the washing powder slurry, the production efficiency of the equipment can be improved and the energy consumption can be reduced; at the same time, the discharged washing powder particles are uniform and the overall whiteness is improved;

2. The water-soluble polymer itself has the adhesive property, which can reduce the fine powder and increase the particle strength during the dusting process;

3. Excellent calcium and magnesium ion chelating ability, solid particle dispersion and suspension ability, can significantly improve the dirt removal ability of washing powder. Adding 1% to 1.5% of polymer builder can increase the detergency of detergent by 10% to 20%;

4. The calcium carbonate dispersing ability of the polymer (CaCO3 crystallization inhibition ability) directly inhibits the formation of calcium carbonate crystals, reduces the influence of calcium carbonate on the fabric slab; and the high molecular weight polymer can effectively disperse and suspend the solid particles. Preventing the deposition of other types of settleable materials on the fabric further improves the ash deposition resistance of the detergent. The use of 1% polymer builder can effectively inhibit 50% to 80% of ash deposition.

5. The polymer has strong dispersing ability to solid particles, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of small pieces of dirt, so that small pieces of dirt are dispersed and suspended in the washing liquid, and the probability of redeposition of the dirt to the fabric is lowered. While the polymer acts on the surface of the dirt, it also acts on the surface of the fabric, increasing the repulsion between the dirt and the fabric, and effectively inhibiting the redeposition of the scale.

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