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Sodium polyacrylate XQ-5040

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Sodium polyacrylate XQ-5040

Appearance: light yellow transparent viscous liquid
Molecular weight: 4500±500
Solid content: 40±1%
Viscosity: ≤1000mpa.s (25°C)
Solubility: soluble in water
Specific gravity: 1.30 (D25/4 °C)
Particle characteristics: anion
pH: 7-9 (1% aqueous solution)
Appearance: light yellow, transparent, viscous liquid
Molecular weight:4500±500
Solid content:40±1%
Ionic properties: anions
Solubility: soluble in water
pH: 7 to 9 (1% aqueous solution)
Specific gravity: 1.30 (D25/4 °C)


Product features:


XQ-5040 dispersant is a high-efficiency and low-cost dispersant. It is used in a small amount and does not require additional auxiliary dispersant during the grinding process. The dispersant dosage test results for various pigments show that the optimum amount of XQ-5040 is low and the viscosity of the grinding is also low. Its flat L-shaped dispersion curve indicates that too much dosage will not cause adverse effects. Therefore, an appropriate amount of XQ-5040 can be selected, and the optical and physical properties of the coating remain stable even if the amount of the pigment is changed.

[Viscosity stable]

The viscosity of the coating is exceptionally stable with XQ-5040. After heat aging test (over 50 °C for more than one month), the viscosity still shows no change.

[Excellent gloss retention]

By adding XQ-5040 to varnish and semi-gloss lacquer (including acrylic and acrylic vinyl lacquer), excellent initial gloss can be obtained, and after heat aging, the gloss can be maintained. XQ-5040 has excellent compatibility with ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, so it is easy to use in the grinder.

[complete color development]

XQ-5040 can improve the color and can be used for difficult-dispersible pigments such as iron red. In fact, when the paint factory is toning with a pigment paste, the dispersant is often added to the paint to facilitate coloring. Experience has shown that using XQ-5040 as a pigment dispersant in the toner can not only use a wetting agent without affecting the coloring effect, but also improve water resistance and cost.

[Can be used together with active pigments]

XQ-5040 can be used in combination with active pigments such as zinc oxide. For example, with it as the sole dispersant in the millbase, the zinc oxide content is allowed to reach 2.0%. The resulting paint has a flat viscosity line, and after a month of heat aging test at 50 ° C, the viscosity does not rise (the viscosity difference does not exceed 2 KU), and no other deterioration occurs. When it is used, it is not necessary to add an auxiliary dispersant or a wetting agent such as KTPP or a nonionic surfactant.

[Low foam]

Coatings containing XQ-5040 have very low foaming properties for three reasons. The first is because the dispersant itself has low foaming properties. Second, since there is no need to add additional surfactants, the chance of foaming is reduced. The third reason is that it is highly efficient, so the amount is small. Therefore, after adding XQ-5040, the paint rarely foams during manufacture and use.

[Good scrub resistance]

XQ-5040 itself is used in a small amount, and it is rarely necessary to add other wetting agents to improve dispersibility and toning, which makes the dry paint film excellent in water resistance.

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